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Deportees to USSR – Stories of Europeans in the Gulag

Blum Alain, Craveri Marta, Nivelon Valérie (dir.), 2012, Déportés en URSS - Récits d'Européens au Goulag [Deportees to USSR – Stories of Europeans in the Gulag], Paris (France), Autrement, 336 p.

Table of Contents (the book is in French)

Alain Blum et Marta Craveri Introduction 5
Valérie Nivelon Voices of witnesses 16
Alain Blum et Marta Craveri Deportations to the USSR: a long history 19
Françoise Mayer USSR, land of promise? 29
Catherine Gousseff Details and drift of memory 48
  The environment (illustrations) 63
Marta Craveri Saved by deportation 69
Agnieszka Niewiedzial Fighting and resisting 87
  Work (illustrations) 103
Juliette Denis Images of childhood 109
Isabelle Ohayon


Finding a place in silence


Anne-Marie Losonczy Surviving. A bitter school and the humour of God 145
  Childhood (illustrations) 167
Mirel Banica Hunger, an endless struggle 175
Malte Griesse From Soviet special camps in Germany to the camps in the Gulag 186
  Community and religious life (illustrations) 207
Alain Blum Difficult return 212
Emilia Koustova Becoming Soviet ?  228
  Culture and leisure (illustrations) 245
Jurgita Mačiulytė A peasant soul 251
Marc Elie Penitential journey of an ultranationalist 267