Solidarité Ukraine
INED Éditions. Sound Archives, European Memories of the Gulag

First news

This letter was probably sent to Siberia from Ukraine by a member of Piotr’s family.

Типер хочим з тобою i Еленою подiлитися Родiсною вiсткою ми на 27 Вересня начесного Хрста дiстали лист вiд Петра пиши що здоровий но як вiн пише житя его несприятливе де девiн пiсацïв не видно сонця тiлько морози i нiч. Али Бог крiпить на его шо ще зобачим ся. А ще гiрш  мучить его про вас i про ваше з Еленою житя i здоровья пиши ще (вiн) писав пару листiв але вiдповiдiй небуло. Натiм Кiнчу тiх пару слiв Поздоровляем Вас обох Елено Бувайте здоровi з Богом до милого зобаченя прочли вiд (...) адрес до Петра Такий

Красноярский Край

Посьолок Норильск. Л.К. П./а. 224. (...)

Now we want to share with you and Elena a happy bit of news. On 27 September, for the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, we got a letter from Piotr. He writes to say he is in good health, but, from what he describes, his life is not very pleasant. Where he is, they can’t see the sun, only cold and night. But God preserve him, we shall meet again. And then, he is concerned about you: how are things with you, your health and Elena’s. He says he sent some letters but got no reply. With that I’ll end in a few words. We greet both of you, Elena stay well, God be with you, we look forward to seeing you again. We read on the […] here is Piotr’s address

                                     Krasnoyarsk district

                                   Norilsk village. L.K. P./a. 224. (…)

Transcription : Anastasia Gorelik