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INED Éditions. Sound Archives, European Memories of the Gulag

Family photos

1. Peep Varju’s father’s family in 1926. From top left: an uncle (fought with the Germans and died of war wounds), Peep’s father (died in Viatlag camp), a woman, an uncle (shot by the Soviets in 1941), an uncle (hid in the forest for five years after the war and was amnestied in 1950); below, Peep’s grandmother with an aunt, his grandfather and an aunt.

2. Peep’s father (left) and a friend leaving military school in 1928.

3. Peep’s family just before his birth, 1935. From top left: his maternal aunt, who took him in on his return from Siberia, his sister, a farm worker, his mother with his brother on her lap, his grandmother and his father.

4. Peep Varju (2nd from right) with his brothers and sister, Estonia 1940.

5. Siberian orphanage, 1942.

6. Children in the orphanage, July 1946; Peep, first left in first standing row.

7. Peep Varju, 1947, just after his return to Estonia.