Solidarité Ukraine
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Underground action (1963)

I entered the Juozas Tallat-Kelpša music school. From the start of my studies I made new acquaintances… the way young people talk about all sorts of things… I can’t remember how, but we met… people with the same ideas. We would think about the destiny of Lithuania, the destiny of our people. We came to the conclusion that we had to do something, save our motherland, so to speak. For young people that seemed fairly easy, we weren’t short of courage. To start with, my friend Alvydas Šeduikis and I wrote letters to students at the universities in Latvia and Estonia, then we sent them. We printed them in the school’s administration offices. He was the union representative there and I was the representative of the students’ residence council. That’s how we gained access to a typewriter. That was 1963, when our activity started. Then, the next year, just before 16 February [declaration of independence in 1918], we decided to hand out cartoons. Our fellow students Airė Gudelytė and Algis Kaliūnas (Algis had been deported) drew cartoons on anti-Soviet topics, such as a map of Lithuania with a huge boot on top of it, another map surrounded with barbed wire… We distributed the cartoons, stuck them on a column near Kaunas University in Donelaičio Gatve, on the cathedral bell-tower… That was our second action. Then as early as 1966 we decided to widen the scope of our action. We wrote calls to action, my friend Alvydas Šeduikis (who was tried with me later) photocopied them, about 200 copies. I rang my cousin Jonas Šestavickas to ask him to take the letters in envelopes to the universities (Music Academy, University, Teacher Training School), letterboxes, telephone boxes, we spread them around…